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Barchan, Maryna (2022) Evaluation of competitiveness of the logistic infrastructure of the Black Sea region in the context of sustainable development strategy. Journal of Information Technology Management, 14 (3). pp. 143-167. ISSN 2423-5059


Irtyshcheva, Inna and Pavlenko, Olena and Boiko, Yevheniia and Stehnei, Marianna and Kramarenko, Iryna and Hryshyna, Natalia and Ishchenko, Olena (2022) Evaluation of efficiency of regional public governance in the context of achieving goals of sustainable development. Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, 44 (4). pp. 497-505. ISSN 2345-0355

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Pavlenko, Olena and Kniaz, Sviatoslav and Shchebel, Andrii and Mrykhina, Oleksandra and Bohiv, Yaryna and Kalashnyk, Olena and Moroz, Svitlana and Kyrychenko, Olena and Kushka, Beata and Pastyrska, Iryna and Dzvonyk, Vasyl (2020) Factor analysis of the rationality of enterprise potential management in the coordinate system of organizational development. Arctic (73(9)). pp. 2-27. ISSN 0004-0843

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Pavlenko, Olena and Rubel, Oleg and Sabadash, Viktor and Shivarov, Alexandar and Kaled A Asalam, Moftah Adrwi (2021) A dynamic approach to the study of institutions in a green economy: macroeconomics, regions and industries. International Journal of Global Environmental, 19 (1/2/3). pp. 243-264. ISSN 1741-5136

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Козловцева, В. А. (2016) Типологія організаційно-економічних та інституційних важелів впровадження концепції екологічно-чистого виробництва в агропромисловій сфері. European Journal of Economics and Management, 5. pp. 70-75. ISSN 2533-4794

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Павленко, О. П. and Князь, С. В. and Георгіаді, Н.Г. and Русин-Гриник, Р. Р. (2019) Раціоналізація інтегрованих систем управління підприємствами. LAW & SCIENCES = ПРАВО ТА НАУКИ (№1-2). pp. 23-30. ISSN 2522-4549

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